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System Requirements

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Automation is still in development so these are subject to change. The switch to the Unreal 4 Engine will not make minimum requirements go up, probably the opposite will be true due to better game engine optimization.

Minimum Requirements (People have run the game on weaker hardware)

Operating System: Vista/7/8

Processor: Dual Core (Intel Core2 DUO E4500 or equivalent)

Ram: 2gb

Graphics Card: NVidia 8600GT/ATI Radeon X1650 (Must support Pixel Shader 3.0)

Internet Access (Offline play possible)

Recommended Requirements

Operating System: Vista/7/8

Processor: Quad Core

Ram: 4gb

Graphics Card: NVidia 260GTX/ATI Radeon 4870 (Must support Pixel Shader 3.0)

Internet Access (Offline play possible)

If you are unsure about your computer you can ask here in the support forums or just try out the demo.